Future-proofing your business

Wellbeing in Business

Wellbeing in business is concerned with creating a sustainable future for the business, including the stakeholders associated with it (managers, customers, salesforce, etc.). The state of wellbeing of stakeholders is intertwined and complex. It is important to know who is influencing the wellbeing of others (e.g., organisational unit), who is influenced by others (e.g., employee or customer), as well as what the state of wellbeing of the organisation and their stakeholders is.

At H22, this is a wellbeing health check for the different stakeholder groups, orchestrating several dimensions, covering a wide range of factors that directly impact and define wellbeing. The appropriate mixture of factors is dependent on your organisational setting and contextual landscape. So, it will be different from other settings.

Some factors are outside the control of the organisation, while others are within. Understanding the composition and mechanism is key for creating a customer centric organisation that not only takes care of its own business, but also understands that people play a key role in this equation. Wellbeing directly impacts performance, regardless of contextual differences. Managing the mechanism right contributes directly to the creation of sustainable business success, reflected on the bottom line.

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Future-proofing your business