Future-proofing your business

Qusay earned his PhD from Ghent University (Belgium), and for several years, the wellbeing of business stakeholders is the centre of Qusay’s work. In the business context, these are managers, the salesforce, employees, customers…. ultimately, Qusay’s expertise impacts the wellbeing of the entire organisation, including the employees within, as well as the people associated with it (such as customers). He is very passionate about guiding companies in this area, which explains his close engagement with our clients when assessing the state of wellbeing and when noticeably approving it for the long-term.

Having identified the key aspects that shape the wellbeing of people, Qusay is right at the forefront of this complex topic. Shaping the wellbeing is vital in business, particularly when understanding the mechanism that leads to greater performance.

“I believe that our services that are especially customised for our customers are the ideal way to generate superior outcomes that help to create, maintain, and sustain the wellbeing at your organisation as a hidden and neglected business resource. In this position, our clients are another step closer to achieving customer centricity.”

Dr. Qusay Hamdan

Expert in Business Wellbeing

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Future-proofing your business