Future-proofing your business

Fred guides multi-national companies as consultant, since 2004. He received a Chair in Marketing & Sustainability in 2013, possibly (one of) the first professors with the combination of the two business disciplines. At that time, when being asked ‘what is marketing?’, he answered “marketing is the co-creation of sustainable value for business.” This explains the twin-focus of his passion that he lives by, for decades. Yet, marketing and sustainability are still often seen as contradictory terms, today.

Since 2017, he serves as a professor at a leading European business school, besides holding Visiting Professorships at accredited Universities in Europe and Vietnam. Fred develops and runs business workshops and leads executive education programmes in various industry sectors, ranging from small to multi-national organisations, offering services and/or manufacturing capabilities. He has worked in Europe as well as in the USA and has a strong B2B focus.

“Customer-centricity requires true dedication to your company and to your market. Putting the customer on centre-stage and strategically utilising the talent that is around you represents one thing in business: dynamite.”

Prof. Dr. Fred Lemke

Founder & Director of HORIZON22

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Future-proofing your business