Future-proofing your business

Reputation is an essential business asset, which is impacted by factors that are partly outside the control of the corporation. Considering also spillover effects turns a challenging business phenomenon into a truly complex one. “Battles are won or lost, at this front.”

For several years, David has identified the key reputational triggers and works with these in combination, reflecting the status quo of a company. Tailoring these with clear actions helps to purposefully navigate the reputation to a competitive position that can be managed in a sustainable way. As an internationally recognised expert, David possesses a unique skillset to shape the reputation in a refreshing, impactful, and rewarding approach.

“Corporate reputation and profit are the two main determinants of the business equation. According to the old saying ‘cash is king; reputation is everything’, we know where to start to push your business forward. Putting the customer on centre stage – in conjunction with relevant market data – gives us all the ingredients to create a sustainable difference for you in the competitive business landscape.”

David von Berlepsch

Expert in Corporate Reputation

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Future-proofing your business