Future-proofing your business

Babak has an established reputation in the consumer behaviour and marketing field with a specific reputation in marketing management, consumer experience and tourism, leisure and cultural consumption. His research is innovative, is embedded in multi-disciplinary work, at leads to methodologically robust measurement of key concepts. He has published consistently in internationally rated top-tier academic journals and also practitioner magazines, and held funds from bodies in the EU and UK such as Horizon 2020 and Innovate UK Research Grant – KTP. He has given keynotes and delivers business workshops in the USA, Middle East, Asia, EU, and the UK. 

“In recent years, my work has focused on ‘consumer online/offline engagement’ and related tangible and intangible concepts. I believe service industries (e.g., tourism & hospitality) are vessels for interaction, where consumers engage and create value-in-use through their experiences with brands and services. Hence, customer centricity assesses the value creation through their views of what is given, how it is participated, and what is expected”.

Prof. Dr. Babak Taheri

Expert in Marketing Management

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Future-proofing your business